Introduction to the Caricature (Cartoon Portraits), 104 .

12 Lessons.

This course introduces the student to the special cartoon art of caricature.  The lessons focus on how to draw a portrait of a person involving a degree of graphic exaggeration and distortion of facial and/or body features.  The caricature is a time honored form of cartoon art.  Itís also a necessary tool for those aspiring to specialize in political/editorial cartooning or humorous illustration.  The student will learn how to observe through the eyes of a caricaturist and how to approach the actual drawing of a subject/model.  The desired outcome, through practice, is for the student to be able to create a recognizable flattering or unflattering cartoon portrait of a subject/model.  A workbook will be furnished with this course.  When completed, each lesson/exercise will be sent to for professional review and critique. 

Course tuition/fee  $300. US


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